Sunday, January 25, 2015

Black & White & "smoke"

Warhol, "Flowers",  Black & White Screenprints, 1974 - 27" x 41"edition of 100.
All three pieces needed to be reframed, two were in plexi boxes (and had sustained moderate smoke damage).  The third needed to match the set.  We unframed them and were able to remove about half of the damage using paper cleaning/restoration techniques.
In the design process our customer chose a walnut moulding with an oxidized/black wax finish.
The pieces were floated on oversized cotton rag mat board with matching spacers and UV plexiglas,
finished with a wood strainer for strength.
They are currently hung by cleats at their new home in Manhattan, packed and shipped by Eric and his crew at Box & Ship in Pasadena.

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