Sunday, October 16, 2016

Before and After

Often times customers bring in a piece that is already framed, that they would like to have reframed.
These are two examples. The portrait of a woman was recently framed at another shop (we won't name names) and the customer didn't like what they did. The picture is a small 2"x2" polaroid.
It feels cramped and  lost in the middle of the light matte and the frame is much too large. We cut a white matte to give the photo space and made a silver fillet inside a darker matte to focus your attention onto the image.  Then we cut down the customer's frame, the before frame was 14"x 14"
our after frame is 12"x12".

On this original drawing by Diego Rivera, we lightened the piece up with an 8 ply cotton rag matting,
adding a gold fillet inside. The frame is a hand stained layered black with 24k gold leaf lip. UV plexi as the glazing.  The original framing was too dark and heavy and didn't give it the eminence it deserves.