Monday, September 13, 2010

19 frames off to New York

"Premonition" 53"x48" mission brown dye, ash acrylic, raw umber wax

We started working with Alex Gross on this project back in May of this year. His show "Discrepancies" shipped the last week of August and opened September 11, 2010 at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York City. Alex's work is oil on canvas, stretched over wood panels. Many were quite large and deep, framed using double bass wood profiles. The finishes were of dyes and stains, layered with black or white paint, rubbed out with steel wool and wax. Some of our most labor intensive work and some of our most satisfying results.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Honing Random Angles

Kate and I worked on a project for Chris and her husband Carlos. Carlos was awarded the Yale Medal and wanted to display the honor in such a way that both sides of the coin could be viewed. With the help of Herb Rabbin, of SnowDome Service, we fashioned a frame that rotates on a plexi glass arm. The frame is walnut, the mat, wrapped in fabric, holds the medal in place. Mounted on the wall, it works.

  • Douglas