Monday, November 9, 2015

Area Code 213

Random Custom Framing used to be Random Gallery.  We were located on Figueroa St., near Avenue 60, walking distance from where we are now. The gallery opened in April of 1993
and closed in the Spring of '98. During that time we did framing for artists & galleries mostly.
Earlier this year I got a call from someone wanting to know if we (on Avenue 64) were the same business and if any of the same people were still there.Yep, same business and I'm still here.  He explained that he lives in San Francisco and his wife bought a piece of art at an estate sale in Washington. The piece had a Random stamp on the back, with our phone number (213)550-8000.
He figured out that it was framed between 1993 -1998,  since in '98 the area code changed to 323.  I didn't even remember that!The artwork had broken from it's hinges and slipped in the frame. He was going to be in LA for a few days, could I fix it.  This is the piece.  After all these years, seems to have held up quite well.

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